Maison Cavé' s history

        The origins of Armagnac brandy go back to the Middle Ages. In the fifteenth century, brandy was only a pharmacopoeian product, the aqua ardente which revived the dying and was used as an antidote during epidemics. It was after the Reformation in France in the sixteenth century that brandy rose to fame and achieved the status of a beverage.

        Jean Cavé' s ARMAGNAC house was established in 1883 at Lannepax, a little village in the heart of the Gers.

One of the stills used for distilling Armagnac.

        Since 1883, several generations have labored to distil and mature the best Armagnac' s brandies. Aged in barrels made of old oak, the Armagnac matures to obtain a delicious flavor.

Barrels of old Armagnacs

        Nowadays, after a century of tradition, our stock of old Armagnacs enables us to give our customers a range of high quality products.

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