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Our range of products

        Our Armagnacs are harmoniously blended from the best production areas of Armagnac and Bas-Armagnac.

        These brandies, distilled and selected with the best of care, are matured in our wine cellars until they reach the best flavor and highest quality.

        Our ARMAGNAC Trois Etoiles is a young blended Armagnac.

        Our V.S.O.P. contains blended 5-7 year-old Armagnacs.

        Our HORS-D'AGE contains blended 10-20 year-old Vieux Armagnacs.

Our range of bottles

Basquaise and Pot Gascon

Vintage basquaise 70 cl     

Pot gascon 250 cl

Ariane range

Vintage ariane 70cl boxed set     

Ariane personalized 70cl

Fontaine 300cl     

Magnum Ariane 150cl


Carafe Olympe X.O 70cl

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